Who we are

TwinFish was founded in 2005 by Rachel Maury and Tim Barry.

Initially a graphic design agency working in the UK and in France, its mission was to produce communication tools for companies wishing to express themselves on an international scale.

We are now a marketing and design team of experienced professionals brought together by our enjoyment of working in other cultures and operating in several languages.

What sets us apart?

Located in Lyon, the core of our expertise lies in the unique combination of strong visuals and solid marketing strategy. We are small in size and view this as an advantage. Neither time nor information is lost in multiple layers of reporting. The client can always talk direct to the designer.

We adapt to our clients‘ culture integrating our skills with theirs, and we like to make sure that everyone has fun during the process ( because of course, that’s how excellent results are produced… ). We therefore accept a limited number of projects in order to consecrate quality time to each.

In short, we like to think we are multicultural, bilingual perfectionists who are nice people to work with.

Tim BarryWho we are